Teaching Tolerance

As everyone knows, hate is something that people learn and oftentimes it is created by a fear of what is not known and what is different. Unfortunately, from recent news, it is clear that this kind of hate begins early. It’s hard to see news stories of prejudice in schools, in which kids doing and saying hateful things to their peers. These are kids who are far too young to understand the severity of the issue they are adding fire to. Part of the problem is the adults who preach deep prejudice because young kids repeat what they hear. However, that makes teaching tolerance in school even more important because it may be the only other place where kids can be exposed to knowledge that they can base their morals on. I’m not saying teachers should be pushing politics on their students. This is about teaching kids to respect each other’s differences, not fear them. It’s about looking past gender, race, birthplace, disabilities, sexual orientation, and religious belief. Childhood is not a time to worry about being harassed by classmates because of bigotry. It’s a time to create friendships, and most importantly, to learn. Children are our future, and their education should be held at the highest regard. By teaching kids to love instead of hate, hopefully they will grow into adults that pave the way for progress by creating a world in which no child has to grow up in fear of others who do not try to understand them. It is not an easy goal to work towards but I believe it is one worth fighting for.

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